Welcome To Smoke Hub BBQ

Unlike any other barbeques in town, we serve fully customized dishes as per customer requirements. We pride ourselves in being the first barbeque that also offers delightful Chinese starters.

We have something for all ages. Understanding that everyone’s preferences are not the same, we have prepared an exhaustive menu of starters, main-courses and lip-smacking desserts and beverages. We are inclusive in that we cater to the needs of different audiences.

We strive to make Smoke Hub Barbeque the de facto restaurant for weekend dinners, cheat meals, family get-togethers, foodies, couples, corporate diners, and almost everyone who wish to have a pleasant time away from the musings of the city.

In a never before seen venture and for the first time, we have introduced VR games for both adults and children in our outlet in Velacherry along with a kid’s play area that has attractions such as Magic mirrors to enliven your time with us.

Our buffets are something to look forward to as we provide Chinese starters in addition to barbeque starters – a delicate gourmet of fine quality and quantity.


Our Vision

We at Smoke Hub Barbeque strive to create an ideal barbeque restaurant that combines the best of food and culture from many regions around the globe to give our customers more than just a regular barbeque and an unparalleled dining experience.

Our Mission

We believe that food has the power to erase differences between people and unite the world. We wish not only to serve our hometown, but a global populace. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to promulgate our vision to the furthest ends of the country and beyond its borders, taking one step at a time.

A Little Bit of History

Our managing directors Mr. Varun S and Mr. Senthil V both have a background in food and business. Smoke Hub Barbeque was conceived when their vision of opening a unique barbeque in the busiest urban hotspots of Chennai, overlapped. Initially catering to the Detroit of India, they plan to expand to a number of cities, setting up multiple outlets across the nation.