Updated ________, 2021


Terms & Conditions

The term ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ and ‘company’ refers to Smoke Hub Barbeque. ‘You, ‘guests,’ and ‘users’ refer to our guests and users of our services. It is ascertained that you have read and agreed to all the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein when you visit this site.

  1. Rule – Users to the site are not permitted to share, publish, transmit, store, distribute, save or store any material from the website of Smoke Hub Barbeque without permission.
  2. Indemnity – visitors to the site agree to indemnify the Company, its promoters, and staff from any harm, damage, or liability that arise due to the site’s use http://www.smokehubbarbeque.in.
  3. Disclaimer – the Company, under no cost, is responsible for any damages incurred by the user whatsoever due to this website’s use.
  4. Redressal of grievance – in case of any issues or complaints, please send us an email at cccc@smokebhubarbeque.com.
  5. Data Collection: We do not collect data on kids under 13 years of age. Data submitted at our website is voluntary and non-confidential. Once the data is submitted, Smoke Hub Barbeque, you authorize us to use the same on a non-exclusive and royalty-free-license basis. Kindly review the Privacy Policy on our site before using any services on http://www.smokehubbarbeque.in.
  6. Miscellaneous – the Company has the right to change the policies, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy on the website anytime and as deemed fit. The changes made would be effective immediately. Users are requested to read the Terms & Conditions each time they visit the website.

Payment Policy

  • You agree to pay the rates, fees, taxes, duties, charges, etc., for all services, compliant with the mandatory rules and regulations.
  • Gift coupons, cards, and vouchers need to be presented in original when reserving tables or placing orders. Taxes will be extra & need to be paid directly. All rights reserved by the ManagementManagement.

Cancellation Policy

  • Smoke Hub Barbeque is committed to offering the best services to its customers. We request our customers to cancel their table reservations and orders well-in-time to avoid cancellation charges.
  • Once an order has been confirmed and placed, it is not entitled to be canceled. In case the order is canceled after food preparation, it is liable to attract a cancellation charge of _____% of the price of the item.
  • In case the order is canceled due to dissatisfaction with our services, no cancellation charges will apply. In case the same has been prepaid, we will process the refund on the same.
  • In case the order is canceled by us as a result of the service or food items unavailable, no cancellation charges will apply. In case the same has been prepaid, we will process the refund on the same.

Refund Policy

  • In case we have received the payment in advance for any order, and there has been a dissatisfaction with the services of Smoke Hub Barbeque or the ManagementManagement has canceled an order due to unavailability of item/s, we are liable to refund the hundred percent payment received.
  • The final decision to refund is the sole discretion of the ManagementManagement of Smoke Hub Barbeque.